Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Best and worst

In our recent tradition, our family reviews worsts and bests every day at the dinner table.  This way, we can all hear about the lows and highs and stay in touch with what our children love and hate about their lives.

Homeschooling my oldest child, Z, has been a long-term exercise in bests and worsts. 

Worsts first:
  • My patience is often not what it could be.  I hate what I become sometimes.
  • Homeschooling and working full-time is dodgy. 
  • How much he learns and completes is more of a reflection on me than on him sometimes.
  • We are always together.

Now, to balance us out, Bests:
  • Sometimes, he can get completely absorbed in something that fascinates him, and I don't have to make him put it aside.
  • He can always work just on the boundary of what he knows - all of his work is "high-gain".
  • He loves to learn and read, and homeschool doesn't squelch that.
  • We are always together.