Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't you hate it...

when you have a kid over for a sleepover, then find out from the mom when you return them home that they've been sick?

Guess what? My kid is getting sick now... no, really, he is. How surprising.

My Name Is Michael

Shocking news... MJ is dead. This, coming on the heels of lots of other "celebrity" news, should remind people of the price of fame.

I don't miss the Thriller era, and I wasn't especially a fan of Beat It, or Billie Jean. I couldn't even tell you much about these songs, except that I remember the Thriller video and that MJ couldn't really pull off the gangsta look in the Beat It video. But, I have fond memories of hearing the Jackson Five. I know, I know... I'm dating myself... in my defense I have much older siblings, so I skipped a lot of the teenybopper stuff I was supposed to like (e.g. Shaun Cassidy).

In homage to MJ, I listened to My Name is Michael, by the Jackson Five. His sweet innocent voice, that he tried so hard to hang onto is so bittersweet now. The young man lost all semblance of a normal life when the Jackson Five made it big. His self-image problems, fueled by an unusual family, his earning power, and the public scrutiny of his career, insured that he would never have a normal moment or a sincere trusted friend - someone that wasn't influenced by his money or power.

Why is it that we seem pathologically unable to either leave people alone (even if we like their music)? Even more frightening, why are we pathologically unable to avoid fame, even after watching hundreds of celebrities self-ignite in the glow of it?

Why, oh why, didn't John and Kate (plus eight) see it coming? I'm not really a fan or a detractor (I may have seen part of two episodes), not really my cup of tea... but even back to the first reality television (a PBS series in the 70's), no marriages have survived the scrutiny.* Maybe the sanctity of marriage and family life aren't intended for public scrutiny. Maybe all of us, if shown in tv soundbites, would seem so atrocious and unmatched that we wouldn't be able to bear staying with our partners?

Let's have a momnt of silence.. but not just for poor disfunctional, unhappy Michael, but also for the lives of so many that our constant intrusion has ruined.

And, let's hope that that the next family that is approached with a television deal has the good sense to avoid fame and fortune and be working stiffs like the rest of us - it isn't glamorous, but it has more potential for happiness.

*With the possible exception of the Duggar family with 19 children and counting... but, I am not completely convinced that they are actually human.

Friday, June 19, 2009

speaking of throwing the kids outside

It is the umpteenth day of rain. I am trying to pull off a birthday party tomorrow, and the kids are rolling around in the living room wrestling.

Is it ok to throw them out into the rain to clean the house?

Friday, June 12, 2009


B and Z were having part of their ongoing backseat battle (including, but not limited to: kicking, scratching, name-calling, toy-stealing, and hitting).

In a moment of parent-induced truce, I told Z he had to apologize to B. He did so immediately and stuck his head back in a book.

B started complaining a few moments later, that "I didn't hear him apologize, so he didn't do it. He has to do it again so I hear it".

If a tree falls in the woods and B doesn't hear it, did it really happen?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's out for summer.

I was asked, "Is that good or bad?".

Both, really.

It will be hard to get my job done and get some time for myself. But, I am also committed to trying to give my kids that free, wide-open kind of summer that I had with time for cricket-catching and berry snatching, as well as the odd pickup athletic event.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


to all visitors from Stophomework.

Have a look around at my often-neglected little blog.

If you are a "local", I am a guest author for today's post at stop homework, check it out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The kid was drunk...

With independence, that is.
It took B years to work up the courage to take out our kayak on his own. Last week, we had a party where every child from the soccer team and their siblings kayaked on their own - so T decided he was ready to do it.

Little tiny monkey T is 3.5 years old. He weighs 42 pounds and can't really swim. So, of course, I said "honey, maybe when you are a little bigger?"

And, J said "why not - I'll follow him in the row boat". Hmmm.

So, we put on his life vest, gave instructions, handed him the paddle, got the boat nearby, and shoved him from shore (and, I held my breath while J calmly followed him from a safe distance).

T tooled around close to the shore, figured out how to turn and go straight, and about burst into pieces over doing it all by himself.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Throw your kids out.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here.

So, in ten minutes when I finish writing here, I am going to throw my kid out.

No, not forever. But, I am going to drag him out of his pajamas, put him in shorts, slather sunblock on him and get him outside.

Can you think of any reason to take a beautiful sunny, breezy day in Junne and spend it rolling around on the couch reading? I didn't think so.

Throw yours outside, too! (and, physician, heal thyself as well).

No agenda

As a soccer mom, I should maybe be sad? The season ended last weekend.

Instead, it was glorious yesterday to have no agenda or hurry. We had a leisurely morning, then went out for a hike. We caught lizards, played in mud, found some insects and listened to birds. We also found about 100 ticks (the down side). Then, we picked up a lunch and had a picnic.

How glorious to let the kids loose on the trails and just be dirty boys.

What have you done lately with no agenda or timetable?