Monday, June 8, 2009

The kid was drunk...

With independence, that is.
It took B years to work up the courage to take out our kayak on his own. Last week, we had a party where every child from the soccer team and their siblings kayaked on their own - so T decided he was ready to do it.

Little tiny monkey T is 3.5 years old. He weighs 42 pounds and can't really swim. So, of course, I said "honey, maybe when you are a little bigger?"

And, J said "why not - I'll follow him in the row boat". Hmmm.

So, we put on his life vest, gave instructions, handed him the paddle, got the boat nearby, and shoved him from shore (and, I held my breath while J calmly followed him from a safe distance).

T tooled around close to the shore, figured out how to turn and go straight, and about burst into pieces over doing it all by himself.


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