Friday, March 26, 2010

Going naked.

Not me, of course.

T is determined to get all of the attention that his pudgy little cheeks have always earned him, even if he is growing up.

Lately, this has manifested itself in a complete inability to cooperate with our morning program. All the kid has to do in the morning is get dressed. His clothes are laid out with care. Once dressed and shod, he can have breakfast (a first of two as the daycare also provides breakfast).

Of late, though, we have been given an hour-long concert of moaning and whining with lyrics like "I can't get up" and "I can't SEE my clothes".

So, earlier this week, I threw him in the care dressed as far as he had progressed (pants only) and toted him into school carrying his shoes, shirt, and socks. He was a bit mortified at being in the school mostly naked. I assumed that this natural consequence would solve the problem.

I was surprised then, that this morning he was totally butt naked as I started to get him in the car. He dressed himself in about a minute on the way out the door.

Son - there are a lot of ways to get attention... can we just get dressed?

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