Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All this damn nostalgia...

I keep encountering fluffy little blog questionaires about the good old days. "Wouldja do it all again? Didja like to be a cheerleader? Don't you miss high school? Wasn't it grand?".

I fucking hated growing up.

I suffered through grade school, hated middle school, was borderline suicidal through early high school, and a basic misfit for the rest of it. I started to catch on in college, and started to become a real human in graduate school. But, pretty much, we're talking work in progress - still. So, I am a bit behind the curve.

When I was a suffering freshmen in high school, crying to my dad about one thing or another, saying "geez, dad, but this is supposed to be the best time of my life".

Dad says, "Bullshit. That's ridiculous. You survive all this crap so that you can become an adult. That's where things get interesting."

I was gobsmacked. And, since I remember the conversation, I guess that means that it made me feel a bit better.

Although all of that suffering made me who I am today, and much of my suffering was self-inflicted - it paid off. I have three boys that rock my world (when I am not ready to sell them to the highest bidder), a wonderful husband that I can't possibly deserve, a cool job, and a great house. Anyone that would relive adolescence over being a grown-up with their own beer fridge, control of the remote control (when dh isn't in the room), and their own wheels is a sad case indeed.

That said, I'd be ok if I had the same body I had then (dh wouldn't mind either).

Other things that I wouldn't mind:

  • Having a poo without an audience ("You want privacy? Ok". Child shuts door, but remains in the room, stares at me expectantly. Expecting what, exactly? - not sure)
  • Dinner with wine, but without whine
  • An uninterrupted conversation with dh
  • A day without other people's (or a dog's) bodily fluids
  • Sex without listening for a child at our door or crying in their bed

But, losing all vestiges of privacy and getting peed on once in a while beats hell over being a teenager - that really sucked.

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richgold said...

Oh my gawd. I'm so glad I found your blog (through a comment link on MegFowler.com the other day).

This entry has really hit home. For the longest time (actually, until I read your entry), I felt that *I* was the problem/the issue/all screwed up.

Nice to see some one else has traveled a similar educational path, on occasion uses the F-bomb, and has kids to put it all in perspective. Wahoo and hallelujah!