Tuesday, July 31, 2007

shit i can't do with just my right hand

  • pick up or carry the baby
  • change a diaper (bummer, eh?)
  • touch type
  • write (other than like my four year old - big, scrawly, indecipherable)
  • cook
  • clean dishes
  • tie my shoes (wearing crocs everywhere, ugh)
  • use my cell phone while driving (oh, shut up, like you don't)
  • properly wash my hair
  • use normal dental floss
  • read a hard back book in bed
  • use a corkscrew (drinking doesn't seem to be a problem, though)
  • properly blow my nose
  • cut my own food (or help my children)
  • give a real hug (etc)
  • my job (my classes for fall will be thrown together in a last moment frenzy)
  • carry laundry
  • make a bed
  • fold clothes
  • and on and on...

thank god dh is superhusband, or i'd be screwed...

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