Monday, April 14, 2008

Wolf cubs.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend. This is because, as a college professor, there is no easier time than a week or so before the end of semester to really kick back and relax. Good things there aren't any papers to grade or theses to read... oh, yeah, nevermind.

Anyway, despite the mound of papers that I've been successfully ignoring for eons... we had a fabulous time.

What always strikes me, though, is how darned different our three boys are.

J took the two big boys around first, while I played with the little guy.

T, the little guy, wanted to be with his daddy... but, he was ok to hang out with second best. He loved playing in the splashing areas, getting wet, and adored pushing a tube around in the wave pool (even if he did get a bit irate when the waves started).

B (who is otherwise rugged and unstoppable) showed his colors, he is boisterous but not overly adventurous. He was tentative about new experiences there and wanted to hold hands and not be surprised. Of course, it didn't help that the first thing he did at the park with J was... go down the Howlin Tornado (eeep).

Z would try anything. He didn't ask to do the Howlin Tornado a second time, but he jumped onto the surfboard without reservation (and knocked out and swallowed a tooth on it - it was ok, we'd been waiting for it to fall). His only problem - we couldn't keep up with him. He was off like an arrow in every direction. He also went through one of the tunnels that you are supposed to ride a tube - without the tube. What a wild man.

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richgold said...

I like it that your boys like holding your hand. That's what I think I miss most about the kids getting older.