Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My desk.

The desk at my office.

Yuck. Right now it is covered with about 30 research papers (all waiting to be carefully read, commented on, and assigned a grade), about a zillion laboratory assignments (why did I have them write so danged much?), and a bunch of books and paperwork that needs attention.

But. More interestingly, I have some really weird random stuff inside my desk. Including:

  • chewing gum
  • a plastic baggie full of prenatal vitamins (no longer needed)
  • a plastic baggie full of advil (greatly needed)
  • sudafed and claritin
  • playdough
  • dice
  • playing cards
  • magic markers
  • a plastic turtle
  • plastic frogs
  • about 30 inter-office envelopes
  • some candy wrappers
  • single-serving tunafish containers
  • some single-serving fig newtons
  • calcium/vitamin D pills
  • dozens of old CD-ROMs that go with text books
  • backup data in formats I can no longer open
  • insect pins
  • photographs of my first year teaching
  • spare socks
  • feminine products

and about a dozen pairs of forceps (left over from a lab, but really - WTF?)

1 comment:

richgold said...

You know, you really could have some odd ball, end of year fun MaGyver-style.

The simplified version is as follows - take the 30 interoffice envelopes and address them to three colleagues at random, or to the last person who was assigned the envelope before you.

Now, add various sundries (CDs, single snack servings).

Seal and toss into the mail system.

Oh, and go on vacation for a long long time. That way people have to wait to get the satisfaction of getting you back! ;-)