Tuesday, May 27, 2008

End of year

B went to his Kindergarten orientation and screening over the last few weeks. Z had to be the "big brother" and tell him all about riding the bus and where one should go in school. A few observations:
  • B absolutely loved riding the bus, that was exciting beyond belief.
  • B is going to school with three friends that he has been in daycare with since he was a wee little thing. If he gets placed with C or N (two other little boys) woe be the teacher in the class. These guys are ok on their own (any of them) but, together they whip any place into a froth of chaos.
  • B is a bit on the young side for kindergarten, but is pretty ready as he's been going to "school" since he was a baby.
  • When next year's kindergarten class walked by, B stood easily three or four inches taller than the next tallest kid. He is taller than many of Z's first grade classmates. Wow. How many other parent's (do you suppose) thought that we had held him back?
  • My little baby is growing up. How did that happen so fast?