Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fresh faces.

It seems unreal, but tomorrow morning, I will face about 30 freshmen undergraduates in their first (gasp) college science class.

They will giggle a little. They will be a little bit frightened. At least one young man will call me Mrs. instead of Dr. about two dozen times (which, interestingly, only seems to happen to female professors - even if you substitute Mr. for Dr.). This would be ok, but I kept my name when I married, so Mrs. doesn't even make sense here (and, I personally hate Ms.). I'd rather they use my first name than Ms.

It sounds mean to say... "some of you will fail this course". But, it has always happened. I mean, you have to basically try to fail to do so - a cockroach could earn a D. People that fail my course give up showing up and skip tests, they don't ever read, they forget to hand the one major paper in, and they fail other courses too.

People will earn A's too, but not many of them.

I am looking forward to meeting this year's new crop.

If you read my last post, though, you realize that even though I will try very hard - it may take weeks until I get their names all worked out. My perfect hubbie used to know every one of his 48 students' names by the end of the first day - oh, we should all aspire to be so perfect!

I'll check back in soon and tell you about the new crop.

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