Thursday, August 23, 2007

I learn dog names more easily than people names.

I always felt comfortable when I was active in the dog club, training, doing agility, dog parties even. It is really a sign of social maladjustment that I felt more comfortable there than I do as a soccer mom.

Here is the problem. I cannot remember people's names and faces. The second night, I introduced myself to another mom and got the raised eyebrow. Ummm, yeah, I guess we've met before, huh? She didn't have to say it, but - yeah, like a dozen times.

Here is the other problem, I failed Small Talk 101. So, which one's your girl? Oh, the one in the blue? Yup.... (long silence, mind scrambling...say something idiot).

Like this shit wasn't hard enough before, but with two kids to chase and one to cheer for - I absolutely cannot keep the thread on any adult conversation.

Pretty soon the other moms are going to suggest I start taking ritalin.

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Jonathan said...

I am absolutely rubbish at remembering people's names... the the point of being embarrassed sometimes because they obviously know who I am...

p.s. just found out you are reading my blog! (I really should take more notice of who's linking to me!) I'm adding you to Google Reader right now :)