Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of a life together

For anyone that follows Melissa at Suburban Bliss, you have been following a very difficult story lately.  Melissa has been struggling with mental illness for quite some time, quite publicly.  She is clinically depressed, on and off medication, and dealing with her marriage, family, and a dysfunctional family history.  It's all there to read about.  What a tough hand to be dealt - bad enough to have the crazy family... but, the ongoing legacy (genetic, environmental, or whatever) of mental illness is obviously making it all more challenging.

Whether or not the public aspect of her struggles (her blog) has made it worse - no one can clearly demonstrate.  However, from this vast distance, over the internet... I really feel for her and her family.  Everyone is clearly in pain.   And, while her husband feels as though he is done with the good fight, and Melissa seems to struggle to figure out what normal is, and their children are in the middle of all of this.  We can all take a moment to send our best wishes to all of them that they can sort out their family life in the most positive way for all involved, maintain their health (mental and physical), and learn a new way to get along.

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