Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aw man... who did that?

It was my turn to read to Z's first grade class this Tuesday.

But, I was in a meeting instead (see previous post).

So, my dh, J did the reading instead.

In the interest of having Z's dad read some really fun stuff, we found a theme to the books.

So, I bought "Walter, the Farting Dog", "Dog Breath: the Story of HalleyTosis", and "The Man Who Loved Cheese".

Yes, we really did bring up the level of sophistication in the classroom.

To make the cultural atmosphere just a little more elevated - I also purchased, with these book selections, a plush version of Walter.

Guess what?

That plush version of Walter... go on... give him a hug.

You guessed it.

Now, if you can believe it. B cried bloody murder for (seemingly) hours at bedtime last night because.... he had to sleep with tooty dog.

Isn't this charming?

What have I done?

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BOSSY said...

Bossy is going to suggest these selections to her farty Book Group.