Friday, September 21, 2007

No, we didn't argue.

Geez, I am tired.

I slept terribly from 3:00 am until I climbed back into bed at 6:30. I am supposed to get up at about 6:30 - but, that didn't happen until nearly 7 (maybe even after 7, I was a bit fuzzy this morning). I still am a bit fuzzy, a cup of depth-charge coffee didn't do it, now I am working on some diet pepsi. I teach in 20 minutes, and I hope to (by then) know a little more than my students. Maybe not. Sadly, it is parent's weekend, and this brain-dead mom will have a few parents in class. They will wonder what they are spending their money on.

Bossy: If you read this, remember when you attend a class with your son next year during his parent's weekend that maybe the professor didn't sleep well the night before.

You see, T woke up shrieking for daddy at one a.m. I was too exhausted from soccer night, first grade homework, pre-K homework, grading quizzes, finding something (old and used clothes to choose from) for first grade photos today, and scraping dog poop off of the driveway to negotiate. So, I toted the little guy to our bed; shoved him toward dh and chirped "there's daddy". Then, I went back to sleep.

Then, I woke up at three because the little guy was screaming "NO, B, NO", and kicking me in the head. What was he yelling at? I tried to roll over to see what was going on... I couldn't quite stretch out. Hmmm... short sheeted? No. Um, sheets tangled? No. Um, hey, what is that? B? Why are you laying across the foot of our bed?

So, now B is awake too. "I need my tooty dog! Where is he?"

"I can't look for tooty dog at three am. Geez, quit kicking me in the head."

DH is blissfully sleeping through it all. It's a gift he has. I love him anyway.

So, pissing and moaning, I wander away... "I can't sleep with all of this."

B says "Mommy, are you getting tooty dog?"

"No... (mumble, mumble)".

For the first time in married life, one of us sleeps on the couch.

As it turns out... no shoes on the couch meant take your shoes off on the couch to someone and it is covered with playground sand. Oh, and the afghan is gone so I cover up with the throw pillows. I had crazy dreams for three hours until I heard dh start the shower.

I climbed back into dh's side of the bed at 6:30 (B was on my side, T was in the middle). T, half asleep, hits me in the head because I pulled the covers over his legs.

DH leans out of the shower and chirps, "where were you? Couldn't sleep?"

Grumble, grumble, (I hope that I got some sand on your side of the bed).

Good morning!

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richgold said...

Kind of sounded like MY night too, though minus the sand.

Love your stories. I appreciate reading them, knowing I'm not alone.