Monday, September 10, 2007

Random bits and pieces

First, with respect to B's pre-school class. I spoke with the director of the facility (he and I know each other through other avenues, so it was pretty comfortable). He was concerned, apparently, that this would be a problem - he has been watching her closely as he feels that transition is too rapid and her techniques too harsh (for lack of a better term). He will have a discussion with D. at her weekly curricular meeting with him. He also plans to speak with many of the children in the room to try to feel out more broadly what concerns they have. I love that every time I have had a concern at the center, he has been quick to respond. I also love that, in general (other than this one teacher) the staff are kind, loving, informed, and real teachers (not babysitters). My children have learned a lot about playing well together, making friends, and other social skills in addition to their numbers, letters, and how to stay in line. I am watching carefully, listening, and ready to act as needed; but am optimistic about the response.

Second, T had a fabulous birthday. Our house was absolute chaos with seven kids running around. We had a good time. Then, yesterday, my dad came over for a second party (with presents). The big boys spent their own money on presents for the first time ever, and I was thrilled to see them fight over when T would open their present and at the thoughtfulness of their selections. That said, the soccer ball that I bought for my dad to give to T was the big hit - he slept with it last night, waking up whenever the ball rolled off of his belly and out of his arms. How sweet.

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