Friday, September 7, 2007

A tough week.

Last time, I indicated that B had completely melted down in the morning. I (justifiably) blamed myself for initiating that particular situation. However, B has melted down about a dozen dramatic more times since then. Notably, including me carrying him kicking and screaming across the parking lot at the pizza place, threatening to take him to school in his pajamas, and him shrieking unabated at bedtime until our house spontaneously combusted (is there insurance for this). He has been increasingly out of control and, when he gets that way, he simply shuts down and cannot speak. My little charmer sometimes has a "failure to communicate".

In a quiet moment while I was driving him to daycare this morning, I got a little glimpse of what rattled the poor boy. "Hey buddy, you are having a tough week, how is it going in your new classroom?" I was met with silence, which, with B, is not unusual. Then, he cautiously added that "Miss D scares me, I don't like her". A long pause... "I HATE pink house".

It turns out that his new daycare teacher frightens him. She comes from a military background, and other than making the kids do pushups when the misbehave, never letting them play, and yelling in their faces at line-up; she seems ok. Well, that explains everything. I said that it is ok not to like her, you don't have to like everyone, but you have to be polite. Focus on the two teachers in the room that you do like. Try to have the best day you can. Mommy and Daddy will discuss this and find some way for you to be more comfortable. I later find out that some other kids are having a difficult time adjusting as well. I want him to be happy, and I certainly don't want him to hate school before he gets there.

How to deal with this?

Do I talk to her and risk upsetting her and making it worse?
Do I talk to her co-workers for advice and run the risk of her hearing second-hand?
Do I quit my job, stay home, and protect him forever?
Do I switch him to a different daycare with a kinder, gentler preschool?

Tune in next week for the continuing saga of the guilty, working mom.

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Stacy said...

Talk to the administrator. It's preschool, not basic training. Good grief... why can't people just let children be children?