Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just so you know...

I refer to my oldest child here as "Z".

His name starts with a T. So does my youngest child's name.

So, I refer to the youngest as T and the oldest as Z.

Why? You might ask.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, we had, early on, selected an unusual trio of potential names. We were fairly certain, even, which of the three unusual names we would choose. We didn't want a lot of editorial comments on our choice.

So, when asked about our chosen name for our "yet to be named player" boy - I told them...
"Oh, we've chosen Zoltan"

Then, there was always a long pause.

(ha ha) I said to myself.

They would say "oh, how interesting", or "really?" or "gosh, how did you find that?".

We must be really odd, because they thought... maybe that was serious... better not make fun of it.

So, when said child "Z" was born, and we announced the highly unusual T name... all respondents chirped "Oh, what a lovely name", "He sounds wonderful", or some such.

This d0esn't mean we're not odd (we are), but the name kinda grows on you.

By the way, does Zoltan ring a bell with you?


It was the fortune-telling machine in the Tom Hanks' movie, Big.


Jonathan said...

And it kind of reminds me of Vultan - King of the Hawkmen in Flash Gordon (quite possibly one of the most brilliant movies ever made).

richgold said...

I was going to name my daughters Shaniqua (my DH is of Ukranian and American decent, my German, Irish and American! -- And my mother thought *I* was serious both times!) They both have more traditional names.