Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'll go get my reading glasses.

So, I am procrastinating from a giant heap of papers that need grading. So, it'll be quick.

I took the students on a field trip earlier this week.

I don't have delusions. I realize how old I seem to the "kids". The young man that rode shot-gun on the way to our field trip is handsome. I found myself thinking that (if I were twenty years younger) I'd have thought him so hot - I'd probably stutter talking to him. But, I am twenty years older, so I just talked with him.

He told me about his knee surgery. I said "gosh, you mom must have been worried sick about you through all of that". See? I am really old now - thinking like a mom around this kid.

He said his mom was worried, but what made it worse was that she was going in for a hip replacement right afterwards. I thought, "Isn't she young for a hip replacement?"

Yes, she was - she is 38, he says.

Oh shit - I am older than this kid's mother. I know that I am theoretically old enough to be their parent, but I am older than his parents. I have a two-year-old - how is this possible?

I mentioned this to another professor. He said, "I still find the students attractive - until they open their mouths. What is interesting is that now I find their mothers more interesting than the students".

A second professor calls this the "golden age". "We can look at and appreciate them all - students, mothers, grandparents - they are all good".

This is scary.

I guess I'll pull up the rocking chair and start grading those papers now.


richgold said...

I'm at the end of my baby days (having an 11, 9, 3 and eight month old). I'm an oddity in the office. Most had their kids. Now there is a new wave of people getting married and having children. I find it odd that I can compare war stories with both generations.

Jonathan said...

I knew I was getting old while walking to work one day, and this girl walked past, and I thought "wow - she's amazing".

She turned into the school gates along the way, and a young girl ran up to her, saying "Miss... Miss..."