Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raise a glass to Staph.

Today, MRSA is making quite a splash. So much so, that Bossy is home sipping guzzling gin from the cat's bowl to make it all go away (good luck with that, Bossy).

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are not new, they've been plagueing the hospital near you for a while. It is more scary now that they are out in the community. Even more so that a high school football player from Virginia died of a staph infection picked up at his school this week.

As mom to one elementary school kid and two soon-to-be elementary school kids, this is frightening stuff.

Of course, since I am a lousy homemaker, and because my kids get in no end of muck, mud, bugs, filth, and dirt outside and I am rarely on top of my game enough to arrange play dates - they should be in perfect shape to have very powerful immune systems and not be exposed to too many things from other kids.

On the other hand, if we can call this a good excuse for sipping guzzling gin from the cat bowl (can I use the dog's bowl - we haven't a cat?) - I am in favor.


Jonathan said...

You know, there is an argument that says because you let them play in the dirt, and be proper little kids, they have already been exposed to a world of bugs that most kids haven't - so they have a much better immune system than little Mary White Bread in her spotless house with anti-bacterial paint...

richgold said...

My dear CU-4 has had head-cold after head-cold since he was born in January that I don't think I have a candle-less picture of him. And I'm ok with that too.

I'm ok with any of the CUs getting dirty or eating dirt (within limit - grandma always said "just a peck") 'cause it's proof that they had a good time.

That others around me are just horrified (was at a kick-off meeting with CU-4 the other night and the host lectured me about leaving CU-4 on the floor) is not an issue - I keep telling them, my floors aren't that great either.

Now, where's my gin?