Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Ten things that make me rant.

  1. Any of the purported alternatives to evolutionary biology
  2. Birth in America
  3. Education
  4. The size of our ecological footprint
  5. Conservation
  6. People that consider breastfeeding icky (or any other silly variant, that's why they're there folks).
  7. Politics
  8. Bad Music
  9. Needless killing (people and other organisms)
  10. The Sad State of My Body at the moment (sad, but true)

Does anything make you rant?

Do tell!


Jonathan said...

Intelligent Design.
Closed Minds.
Milk cartons that will not open.
Diet foods that just have less in the packet.

K said...

Oh - you made me remember...

Diet foods (with ya there).

Buying milk every other day (picky family about freshness, burn through 1 gal every 1-3 days depending).

richgold said...

Kids with color preferences for food.

Litter and litterers (saw a trash guy, A TRASH GUY!! throw his cigarette butt on the ground today!)

The discussion of religious principles with people who believe their opinions are the only ones that have value. Um, make that into any conversation with any one who thinks theirs is the only opinion that counts.



Overdue library books


My special dimmer switch bathroom lights that I still can't figure out how they work

Oversized portions

Kari said...

Ass-riding car drivers.

See this invisable bubble round my car? Back off you ass-rider!