Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cool song.

B, T and I were on the way home from daycare yesterday. T was in a snit because I actually forced the child (against his will, mind you) to sit down in his car seat. Then, I had the audacity to take it one step further, the child was (can you believe it?) strapped into his car seat with the whole five-point harness. Then, B was in a snit because I handed the football back to T after I had promised to do so, and in doing so, stole a football directly from B's hands. It was immaterial that B had stolen said football from me while I was strapping in his brother.

We needed an attitude change.

So, I relied on my iPod. "What song do you guys want to listen to?"

The little guy calls out from the back, "the chicka song".

B pipes in, "Yeah, the chicka song, we love that".

So, I put in "How Long" by Queen Latifah. The chicka song (yunno - "betcha got a chick on the side, sure you got a chick, I know you got a chick on the side").

Then, more quietly, B says "Mom, what's a chicka?"

I pause, but I am determined to be honest (if not thorough). So, I try to explain the song title, yunno, in terms understandable to a four-year-old. Finally, B decides the description isn't that interesting. The next song comes on...

T shouts "Don't like that song... play chicka song again"! Yes, he is two.

I point out that I don't repeat songs like that, but, I can jump to the next song for him. Which I do.

"Don't like that song!"

I jump a few songs, then B says, "OOOOOh, play the whole song mommy. I've never heard it before, but I think it's my favorite".

Wonderful, explaining Chicka was brilliant - explaining "The Bitch is Back" will be a joy.

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MommyKnows said...

hee hee hee! Cute story :)