Saturday, January 19, 2008

A moment's peace.

I can take most of the day-to-day pulling and being followed about the house. I like the incessant questions "what's that?", "what are you doing?", "what are you doing?", who's that for?" and so on. But, there is one time in my day that I really and truly wish to be alone.

That is why I lock the bathroom door.

When I don't lock the bathroom door, either T or B are in with me immediately. When I say "really, dear, mommy needs some privacy", they pull the door closed, look up and say "privacy, that better?". (um, not really).

With the door locked, suddenly a house full of boys that were busy wrecking playing with things elsewhere in the house, descend on the door with immediate needs: I need a snack, read this to me, where is my shirt, why is the dog in the kitchen, B is playing with water, where are my underwear.

Truly, can't this wait for a moment?

On the flip side, some day, I'll be up wandering the house at night (as I often do) and they won't be all cuddled in their bed to kiss in their sleep. I won't always have a two-year-old to snuggle from about 2 am until we get up.

Life is all about trade-offs, isn't it?


Jonathan said...

It's weird - we are facing this entire situation from the opposite direction at the moment (which is very strange indeed).

At the moment we are in that "just us knocking around the house" phase, but in a couple of weeks time that will turn completely on it's head.

Very weird indeed.

richgold said...

I'm about to return to work after a year long hiatus. My huz was asking me if I was sad or glad to go back. Neither. I just am where I am.

I had a couple of years between the first batch of children (CU-1 and 2) and the second batch (CU-3 and 4) and have learned to appreciate the quiet times (before I remarried and the children were at their fathers) and the more chaotic times. Now we have chaos and full blown chaos! I think I like both.

I appreciate your blog entries. They bring some of the things I take for granted into clearer perspective.