Thursday, January 31, 2008

The morning news.

This morning was another hair-raising, voice-raising event.

We were under siege from early on by B, who stayed up well past his bedtime chatting and playing with Z. While we love to hear them being brothers and playing nicely together... doing so at 10 pm always means that we will pay for it.

He was perky when he joined me in the shower. When I left and Z took my place, he got contentious. So, I made him get out... tantrum number one.

B is a big guy, and has issues about "things" on his skin. Lately, this has been related to shirts feeling tight when he pulls them over his head. Apparently, there is no polo shirt or hoodie that isn't "TOO SMALL, I CAN'T WEAR THIS".

So, I have made a point to buy a bunch of shirts with roomy necks.

Lately, though, particularly when he is tired, this has taken on epic proportions in tantrum power struggle.

Some psychological wisdom enables you to determine the root of misbehaviour based on how it makes you feel.

You feel --> The Goal:
Angry -->Power
Annoyed -->Attention
Sympathetic --> Enabling helplessness

B hit on all cylinders this morning.

Geez, that pisses me off. He rejects shirts he wore two days ago, picks ones he has rejected, then rejects them.

Um, yes, you do. Get something else if you don't like my choices.

Like nails on a chalkboard, that is... oooooh and loud.

Being overtired makes B a tyrant. Couple this with my relative slothful feelings in the morning and we sometimes have a veritable powder keg.

I put B in the car half naked. He howled for 15 minutes in the car. He decided to put on the shirt I had chosen for him before entering daycare, and his shoes too.

The shirt went on effortlessly.

Then, when we got to his room, they asked us to smile for a mommy and me picture (surely for a Valentine surprise).

I think I was still gritting my teeth.

Early bedtime tonight?


* By the way, I don't make a habit of running round all morning finding different shirts. I sometimes allow him one veto, but I usually don't anymore as I am careful to select shirts that will fit over his head. I have offered him the opportunity to select his clothing the night before, he will reject his own choices as well. Besides, it is clear that this isn't really about shirts anyway.

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richgold said...

Now I understand why parents like uniformed schools. ;-)