Thursday, January 17, 2008

Could you tell?

A new semester started. Bright faces, every morning, expecting me to help them learn about stuff. Requires some time, that does. Now, last semester I was teaching introductory stuff (I actually send in a monkey to do that). This semester, all upper-level stuff that requires some real thought before I walk through the door.

On the home front... a snow day for all three children and at my college today. No gym for me, no progress on my work, and no adult interactions. I had three kids at home today: an overtired two-year-old, a constipated four-year-old, and a bored seven-year-old.

It was an inauspicious start anyway... I rolled over in bed at 5:30 and (apparently) caused a stinkbug to cut loose on my side of the bed and all over our sheets. I ripped my shirt off and fled to J's side of the bed (he was already up... morning guy). I never quite either got back to sleep or woke up after that horrendous experience.

When I imagine time with my kids, I always imagine moments like our first 20 seconds out in the new snow today... before T started moaning that "not like that snow", before B started saying "I'm cold, I need to go in, I still NEED to sled", before Z needed to pee. After 20 minutes of suiting up, we sledded and made snowballs for 25 minutes before we needed to go inside. AARGH.

I understand that when the kids fledge, I will remember only the best. That is adaptive, right?


Jonathan said...

I think it works like you only remembering the really good bits from college. You forget all the horrible bits about not fitting in, or worrying about hilariously inconsequential things...

richgold said...

Ok. I had to go look up what a Stink Bug was. That you had one in your bed. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

I agree with Jonathan - much much later, over drinks, you'll have a good laugh over the "I remember when"s. (Like I remember when I took the fall for eating all the whipped cream out of the can. Only 25 years later did my siblings fess-up to enjoying servings them selves prior to my confession that got me into some deep deep trouble with my father! Hilarious now.)