Friday, February 1, 2008

Z's day off.

Z had a day off of school today. Unfortunately, I didn't. He usually comes to my office in these cases and can play or read in my office or come to classes as he is interested.

He carefully packed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix * to read, and some word find puzzles. He packed his lunch, and climbed into the car.

I dropped the little guys at the daycare, then proceeded to my college. As we arrived, I hopped out and looked at Z.

"Um, where are your shoes?"

Shrug, sheepish grin.

So, I carried him in to my office where he spent the day with damp feet (it's raining and the hallways get damp). Sometimes I get a college kid to entertain him for an hour or so... not this time, no one else will carry the boy around campus (at 65 lbs).

He came into one of my classes. I had already shared Z's poor planning with them, for a laugh. So, when Z came in they complimented his shoes and laughed with him (he took it very good-natured).

Then, right before dinner, the boys were standing on their chairs at the kitchen peninsula (as usual) when Z decided to step off into space. I looked up in time to see a very surprized 7-year-old dive face first into the corner of the table. Ouch.

He is going to look quite dramatic by tomorrow. Maybe he is better off in school.


* I realize that seven is a bit young for this book. But, I pleaded with the child all summer to read sound it out books. During the summer, we were enticing him into reading with the early Harry Potter books. I assumed that he'd be ready to read them by the time it was age appropriate. Then, suddenly - the kid took over reading them mid-fall. I guess I feel like it would be wrong to take a book from someone after pleading them to learn to love reading. So, we read to him when we are able and discuss the book when his nose comes out of it. The mental scars won't show anyway, right?

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richgold said...

Call ME stupid. How are these books to old for him? There's no nudity (at the version I read didn't have pictures). The worst thing I could think of is the love interest thingy, but that might whiz over his head.

If you've been criticized about the book being too scary, I'd retort: #1 he's a boy and he's READING, #2 It could be worse. He could be reading Stephen King.