Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Is pretty much the only phrase we hear when we try to feed T.

The big boys are not picky. While our friends lament that they can't get their children to eat enough, or the right stuff - we just have to keep it coming. Z orders steamed broccoli instead of french fries. B isn't quite as hardcore, but will eat basically anything (and like it... and ask for more). Heck, B is a 43" tall four year old weighing over 60 lbs. - feeding him will become a second job soon.

T, on the other hand, would mainline sugar, and doesn't seem to want much else.

During the week, he'll happily skip meals at daycare, knowing which ones have the sweets. The care-givers say "Oh, my, what an appetite, he ate three pieces of cake".

Uh, yeah, but did he eat lunch? No? That's what I thought.

He is just like the "Bug" in Men in Black... both in mannerism and preferences... the kid would love nothing more than a bowl of sugar. And, his adorable chubby cheeks won't be so cute when he is 16.

I disagree with the idea that I should sneak healthy food into junk. He has to learn to like healthy food. So, we are enforcing increasingly strict austerity measures. No yogurt as meal replacement. No bottomless milk cup unless he eats food. Fruit is not endlessly available in lieu of protein.

Last night was the first major challenge. Dinner was chili (which, he has previously liked). He said "NO" before dinner, during dinner, left the table, and cried when we locked the fridge.

About an hour or so after dinner (right before bed), he begrudgingly requested chili.

Then asked (begrudgingly) for a second bowl.

Sometimes you just have to stick it to them, don't you?


ElleTeeJay said...

Your T and my Smidge have the exact same diet. Right down to the fruit, yogurt, calf-like beverage preferences.

The experts say, "Give them the choice between two healthy items. Give them the feeling of control."

The other night I gave Smidge the choice between broccoli and vegetable medley as a side to her mac and cheese. She took one look at each bag of frozen veggies and then at me. She then threw her hands up in the air and yelled, "I run away from this dinner," as she high-tailed it out of the kitchen.

Glad to hear you had a win with the "Battle of the Chili." Keep fighting the good fight, Warrior Mommy!

richgold said...

Ah, I wish it could be so easy.

The other night I gave my eldest child-unit a dinner that he WOULD eat - home made oven fries and boxed chicken nuggets, oh, and one pea. One measly little green pea. He took great offense to the pea. Usually he'll wail and cry and I'll force the issue and he'll t-h-r-o-w--u-p. Yup. Great way to end a dinner. This time, he took it like a pill, swallowed it hole.