Saturday, February 2, 2008

High fives - all around!

T asked to sit on the potty this morning. That isn't terribly unusual.

What was unusual - HE POOPED IN THE POTTY.


The other two were nearly driving three or over by the time they did anything on the potty - let alone - number 2, dropping a deuce, dropping the kids at the pool, or (pick your own euphemism here).

And, when he grows up, he'll be really happy that I shared this with the internet. In fact, I'll bookmark this post so that I can show his first girlfriend. Yeah, that's the ticket.


richgold said...

But did he use TP? :D

Oh, wait a minute. This is a boy. A guy. They figure it's an economy.

K said...

I honestly think that a two-year old's arms seem too short for a proper wipe by their own selves... it sure seems that way.

But, J let him try, then gave him a little help.

Any day now he'll be better at wiping his ass than his middle brother, who seems to think that ass-wiping is for wusses. (He showers a lot... a REAL lot).