Friday, February 22, 2008

The bane of my existence.

I have always said said for the last seven years, that kids' socks are the bane of my existence.

I didn't realize how much worse it could get.

Three days ago, with one load in the washer and a new load in the dryer, the dryer gave its last little puff of heat. It took several days to hang out the wet stuff. Now, we are just watching the mountain grow.

I could have ordered the Whirlpool Duet Steam washer and its mate yesterday... but, I just couldn't drop $3K without J's consent... not that he cares which washer we buy... I just hate spending money. Besides the earliest delivery date from Sears would have been the 29th.

So tomorrow morning, we'll peruse Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowes to pick our newest combination. After which, we'll go home and take the cabinets off the wall for the new set. Then, I'll cry.

Because, all we'll have to do then is paint the laundry room, rehang the cabinets about 15" higher, and wait some period of time for the new stuff while socks, underpants, peed in clothes and the like pile up around the house.

After we spend $3K - these things do wash, dry, fold, sort socks, and put away the clothes, right?

If you have one, are you happy? (not with life overall, but, just with the darned washer and dryer)


Brad said...

Ha! We are using a $100 washer we bought used 8 years ago, and a factory direct $300 dryer bought new at the same time. They're very standard, but we smell great! :)

Good luck. Sorry to hear you're without for a while.

richgold said...

Ours died last year, the day we were supposed to go on our delayed honeymoon (only took us four years to plan a four-day away trip.)

A friend bought the fancy washer-dryer. She didn't buy the booster box for the extra $$. She likes is well enough (though I believe got off to a rough start with the thing actually breaking down on her within the first couple of weeks. That was an oops.)

We've got your generic/best brand seller from Leon's. It's been doing it's thing well (six people's clothes - about 8-10 loads of laundry a week), very well now, thank you. Though I do heart the fancier front loader.

What color would you choose?

K said...

Only white for us simple folks.

A friend of mine with six kids has the front loader and wash went from three days / week 9-10 loads to a one-day affair with about three loads.

It's the time saving and ecological friendliness that has us so motivated (that and that our old dryer is dead).