Friday, November 2, 2007

Hide and seek.

My husband loves playing hide-and-go-seek (with the kids, I mean... really, you guys).

Anyway, last summer, we bought a hide-and-seek toy. It is a little two-piece treasure chest. You hide the bottom part (turned on), then the top part provides either a blue (cold), yellow (warm), or red (hot) light and corresponding tones to help you find it.

Usually, we have fun hiding the little thing and the little guys find it in a minute or so.

One time, however, as a joke, I handed it to the little guy (T). Then, told B to find it.

T climbed into the wagon and (as usual) Z started to tow t around the house in his wagon.

B spent nearly 45 minutes completely perplexed that he could stand in one spot and the light changed from blue to yellow to red to yellow to blue and off again.

He would wander close to the other boys and the toy would light up, then get so busy looking under furniture, he wouldn't notice that they wandered away. "Oh, I guess it isn't here".

My father, J, and I all about busted our guts watching it.

You see, T wasn't hiding the toy. He was waving it around.

To make B's job harder... T was constantly turning his part off and on.

Poor B was so focused on finding the toy, he didn't pay any attention to T waving the toy, and pressing its buttons.

Good thing that B is good-natured. When he FINALLY figured it out - he thought it was almost as funny as we did.

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Jonathan said...

Great story :)

I remember playing hide and seek with our dogs when I was young - they loved doing the finding bit, and would race around the house, pausing now and again to switch on their super-dog-hearing...

Good memories :)