Friday, November 9, 2007


iAM considering a new purchase.

It is kinda expensive.

So, I have done eResearch, read other people's opinions, asked other professor's, college students, and all kinds of people. I have read some magazine articles and searched the internet for more information.

But, I am so hesitant to spend money, I'll ask my reader(s) as well... should iDO it?

I (think) want to get an iPod.

I am tired of jockeying around a bazillion cds.

I want it to store all of my music to play it in the car (I'll need to use a cassette adaptor), at home (where my stereo will either need an upgrade or I'll need an extra cable), in my office (a second USB connector for my office machine? both to play and to upload some music), and at my computer at home (for the upload process as well, with the dock).

When I add a case, an extra auxilliary jack, a hard case (for protection from the wrecking crew), a second USB connector and so on - I am looking at a hefty chunk of change.

So, I figure I'll hesitate for another several weeks before I either decide to give it up or bite the bullet and spend money.



Jonathan said...

A friend of mine just bought an iPod shuffle after years of using Creative MP3 players.

He eventually caved in due to the easiness of using iTunes to fill it up, and the general build quality.

I have been looking at the new Nano's (with the screen) with envious eyes - they would be just the thing for my commute.

richgold said...

The one bad thing I've heard about the iPod is that when the battery finally dies permanently, you can get a replacement at the cost of $200. But, you loose all your music because they send you back a refurb.

My question to you is is this something you could ask from Santa??!!

K said...

It doesn't matter whether or not it is a gift - it all comes from the same place, eh?

J and I don't "gift" special stuff as much as we discuss our needs and buy stuff as we need or agree. It takes away some of the surprise, but I am not crazy about surprises anyway.

(Hope that I'm not shattering any illusions for you).

Allie said...

There are great shareware tools that will let you suck everything from your iPod back to your hard drive - I had to do that when the iPod started acting funny.

I had a shuffle, then got a Nano this year. I do love it - it's easy to use and manipulate the music, the battery lasts a long time, all the tools out there are awesome (at I got a battery or cord speaker tool that has great sound for $10) and well... I drank the Kool Aid and I still like the taste :-)