Sunday, November 11, 2007


B had to miss dinner at my dad's retirement place this morning (a weekly treat), because he couldn't pull himself together enough to get dressed. So, he cried to J for a few hours instead.

Once I got to dad's, Z and T came in for breakfast and T had a slow but steady temperature rise through the morning.

I feel a bit iffy, B is an irascible tyrant today, and T is out cold in a motrin-induced nap (fever down for the moment). Z is headed to a Birthday party.

Work also looks iffy tomorrow (can't leave a sick kid at daycare) - not the best day for me to find coverage for the kids (five hours in the classroom on Mondays).

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Jonathan said...

I'm guessing we have all this to come at some point. I'm going to be reading so many blogs like your own for coping strategies, you would not believe...