Sunday, November 18, 2007

Give thanks

I am giving thanks for being able to host Thanksgiving.

I was married previously... so, I had some experience with the whole switching families for holidays things. And, that was before children.

Now, our respective families live many states apart.

So, when J and I married - we agreed that (to avoid the inevitable, you did *** family last year, you need to do **** family this year) we would never travel for a holiday (yeah, I know, ho, ho, ho).

We are so thankful, words can't express. We never have to pack up the kids, we sleep in our own bed, and our routine is unshakeable.

I love people coming (the more the merrier, with 8 lbs of ham and 20 of turkey, fergodsakes - we could feed them all!).

See you later this week in the midst of (oh, yeah - the only drag - I have to clean up the house enough to avoid embarassment, shop, prep food, and that stuff - suppose it should be done at least once a year anyway).

Hell, I've had crappy holidays in years past, so I know what I am talking about. Being surrounded with my family and whoever else in our happy home may be complicated - but it will never suck.

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richgold said...

Great idea. We don't travel because of finances - $4k to get the six of us out West and back is a bit much for a short holiday.

When I was previously married, DXH insisted being surround by his fam. 14 hour marathon drive with two wee ones in the back of the car. Winter driving through the Maritimes - sometimes in a blizzard, just so that he could be with his Mom. Fun. Fun. Fun. (Just found out he and his chum are taking our kids to Sin City this year. This might be a new tradition!)

I'll probably serve chicken on Thursday and wave a little flag, being an ex-pat up North. I'd celebrated my Turkey Day in October. ;-)