Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Z's turn.

Z had a field trip today with his first grade class.

J was a volunteer chaperone for said field trip.

Z was one sorry kid this morning. He moped and moaned. He looked even more pathetic than he usually does in the morning. I helped him get dressed. I figure, if you're going to be ill, you may as well sleep on my office floor (I have a mat and a sleeping bag on the floor of the back room of my office for just this situation). So, I helped the child get dressed to flop on my office floor all day.

We got everyone dressed and to the car.

Z flopped into the car and buckled up.

Just in time to throw up. (eww).

Quick change in plans. I am mean, but not quite mean enough to make a child throw up in my office all day.

So, J stayed with him until my dad could show up. J will leave work early to relieve dad in time for dad to prepare for his obligations tonight.

I (would usually take-off except when in the classroom for a sick kid) have a horrid meeting this afternoon that precludes sick kids.

Frankly, I'd rather watch Z hurl than talk about general education assessment all afternoon.

For that matter, I would rather hurl than go to this meeting.

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