Monday, November 12, 2007


So, I had to meet with some students this morning. So, I took the little guy in with me, sick.

He was pathetic. Just healthy enough to want to mess with the stuff in my office... just sick enough to not speak to anyone.

Several students did remark, however, that he seemed so huggable and they'd be happy to snuggle the little guy. This led to the observation that it is so adorable when someone little like that is sick and pathetic - but, when a grown-up is like that we're all - keep it away from us.

Speaking of which... now, it's my turn. I am working the sore throat, snotty nose, and thinking about a fever. I have big plans to wait until the baking I did cools, cover and freeze it, then fall into a blissful Nyquil sleep.

Tomorrow, the little guy goes back to daycare, and hopefully I can make it through work.

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richgold said...

Ok. I think I've got sympathy sore throat.

Mmmm a Nyquil nightcap ... ;-)