Friday, December 28, 2007

Did Santa come?

B raced into our room at 6:15 am on Christmas morning... "It's Christmas!"

"Yeah", yawn, "so, did Santa come?"

B, wide-eyed and earnest... "I don't know... but... there's a piano in the living room".

Smiling and yawning, "Where do you think that came from?"

Big eyed and smiling "Do you think that Santa left it?"

So, the wrecking crew now own a Yamaha P-70. This is an electric keyboard (not technically a piano). The minuses: low-end, keys can be loud when pressed. The plusses: low volume (on the reviews, this was a minus... I don't get it), can be used with headphones (too cool).

It is getting a lot of use. Z and B start piano lessons in about 1 and 1/2 weeks.

The rest of us plunk away here and there (I only wish that I had the time for lessons as well).


Mrs. G. said...

I smell budding prodigies...or migraines. It could go either way!

Jonathan said...

My Grandad had an upright piano when we were growing up - the hours we must have spent driving him round the bend with the noise we made with it...

My respect for him grows year on year...