Monday, December 24, 2007

The sleigh is packed...

As per Chris at, I spent yesterday sorting and wrapping. I, too, did the Christmas shuffle (is each pile fair?, will someone feel slighted?).

It is difficult, because the holidays and indoor idle time bring out the worst in our kids. Pair that with a pre-Christmas birthday, and the house has unwrapped plastic stuff strewn about already. The wrecking crew really is a wrecking crew when they have too much idle time. Yesterday the count included a caned stool, their over-the-door basketball hoop, part of Z's new magic kit, an ornament, and I am certain some otehr stuff I have't found yet. It all makes me want to curse the marketing gods that turned a Christian holiday into a pagan gluttony extravaganza.

That said, we are pretty secular about Christmas here anyway. I am not terribly religious. At a recent Christmas party, Z pulled on my sleeve midway through and in his full out-loud voice asked, "Who was Jesus and why was it important that he was born anyway?" I, of course, used this as a learning opportunity - learn to be quiet and ask me that some other time.... shhhh.

So, I guess we were just fodder for the marketing extravaganza.

I see the holiday as a good chance to tuck in as a family, create contemplative and lovely family traditions, and savor the moments that our little ones are still happy in our company. The time will come all too soon that they eagerly wait for the holiday to finish so they can catch up with their friends. Now, any one of the three will still let me bundle them on my lap and squeeze the stuffing out of them.

The sleigh is packed, as Chris says, and our gifts are under the tree. I see some real surprises coming from the creepy stalker that comes down chimneys (unless the kids have been too nosey). I know that they have been inches from blowing the big surprise - but, I think that it still is unrevealed.

We have the loveliest tree ever this year, but it is no longer thirsty, so we have needles scattered all over the house. This wasn't helped by Katie (the dog) that sniffed her present under the tree and took off after it full throttle - she came out shaking needles everywhere. She did have to put the present down, I'll let her open it tomorrow. Hopefully it is big enough that she can stay out of her crate most of the morning while she chews the pigskin to smithereens. (Do I have the only dog that uses pig twists for appetizers, rather than long-term chews? She has a three twist / day habit.)

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Jonathan said...

I would love to have answered your son...

"Depending on which story you believe, Jesus and his brother tried to start a socialist political party about two thousands years ago, and the local Roman regional government didn't like it one bit".

Isn't it funny how the most unlikely version of the story, involving supernatural beings, and superpowers is forced on our children....