Friday, December 28, 2007

Catching up.

I know it's happened to you. I have few chances to be home without kids all over me (and each other, fighting, whining, and shrieking). Today, I just had a catch-up day. I had only one child with me (and, he is pretty self-sufficient). I had a long list of home activities to catch up (laundry sorting, cleaning, routine maintenance, getting ready for weekend guests, etc.). First on the list, vacuum the downstairs and our fake fireplaces out (to make them useable again).

So, first thing after dropping the little guys at the daycare, I pulled out the vacuum. Started to push it around... bag was full, it wasn't picking stuff up. So, I changed the bag. Started again, still a bag alert. So, I started to unclog it... an hour later, I am just re-assembling it.

Start it again, it still works for shit.

Realize that the brush doesn't turn. Disassemble again to discover that the belt is too loose. So, gather the child and go out to buy a new belt (and filter, while we are there). Spend an hour out to buy a filter and belt. We get halfway home and I realize that we have the wrong filter for our model. I drive back to the store and the man assures me that this filter will work with our model. As I arrive home, I miss the UPS guy by about 30 seconds, so J's package (he's been waiting a week) won't arrive until next Wednesday.

I spend a while disassembling and reassembling the vacuum and vacuum the downstairs.

One thing off of my list in an entire day. Bonus for me.


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Jonathan said...

Delivery drivers are connected to some weird kind of voodoo in the universe - along with anybody booked to fit any kind of technical goods such as satellite receivers.

Not that I am saying we went without the digital video recorder we PAID FOR through the whole of Christmas.

F*cking Sky.