Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get the Led out.

Z checks out my iPod. "Mom, you've got to listen to this... this is so cool".

"What'd you find?"

"At-chills last stand?"

"At-chills?... oh - Achillles?"

"um, I don't know, it is by Led Zeppelin".

"Yes, dear, I've heard that before".

"No, really, you've got to hear - really cool".


I'll look forward to surfing the internet tomorrow and the day after.

One of my favorite all-time bands is going to play tomorrow night. Of course, they'll be a million miles away.

At the time of evening where people in London will be gearing up to see them play, decades after their last show - I will be decorating a tree, feeding people egg nog, and reading bedtime stories (and loving it, but a smidge wistful perhaps about the music).

Hope that they have a rocking good time across the pond. I'll look forward to reading about it, maybe hearing bits of it after the fact.

It's been interesting to hear about some of the adjustments already made for the fact that voices get deeper as folks age - Plant can't hit the high ones like they used to, so the band has key-adjusted some of their work, according to the music blogs.

He also has indicated that his shirt will be less open. And, that as we say, is a good thing.

That said, Jimmy isn't hard on the eyes for his age. Ironically, he has kids about the same age as mine... as well as a daughter about my age.


richgold said...

Remember, his slay is guided by magic. He'll make it through.

Jonathan said...

I have never understood the mania surrounding Led Zep.

I still remember them appearing at Live Aid (first time around) and being woefully out of tune, and sounding truly awful.

Perhaps I should have a listen at last. See what all the fuss is about.

K said...

If you want the starter version of Led Zep - get Led Zep II and Led Zep IV (also called four symbols, it is technically untitled). Physical Graffiti is also excellent, but a little harder to love than the earlier stuff.

Even the band found their set at Live Aid to be "shambolic" (in Page's words). They felt the same way about the Unledded Mtv appearance. This is the first time that they went into a reunion rehearsed and taking a break from their solo work.

If you grew up in the states anywhere around the 70's - they were hard to miss. As such, they end up linked to lots of rites of passage.

At any rate, some of their work was truly influencial on modern rock.

And, as Jimmy said when told by a classical guitarist that "I started playing guitar by playing Stairway to Heaven, really badly", Page responded... "Oh, I've played it badly too".