Friday, December 7, 2007


Terribly icy this morning.

I checked the weather first thing, anticipating possible closings, as we had an unexpected bit of ice. No luck.

J fell while getting the newspaper.

We did the usual frantic morning rush to get kids fed and dressed and out of the house.

I stepped outside to empty my car of Christmas gifts to wrap - slipped and fell (on my other wrist - not the one I broke last summer - the same damn way). It hurt, but I shook it off and got in the car.

I followed J on his way to drop Z at school with B and T to take to the daycare. We passed three cars off the road on the one mile of our road we both travel. Then, J passed me on the way back to the house. I knew, then, that school must have cancelled (after I had checked) so, I waited until I could safely turn around and headed back home.

By then, the daycare, the schools, and my college had been cancelled (the schools all day, my college until my ten o'clock class). Crap.

J will work at home until I get back from class. So, at nine-ish I head out for the college. I made it halfway and the roads are so bad (I have seen four more vehicles off the road) that I call the school to see if we still open at ten - nope, closed 'til noon.

I come home.

My wrist hurts more and more. Hopefully, it is just a sprain. It should be a festive purple by tomorrow.

My last day of fall classes end somewhat not how I had planned.

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richgold said...

I'm sorry your winter started off with a fall.

We had about 30 cm of snow fall in the last two weeks. (A whole 20 cm in one 24 period. Buses were canceled, there were only five kids in each of my school aged children's classes, and yet the schools stayed open. Go figure.)