Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's partytime (nearly).

We are ready...

  • The dry ice will start to fog our tables at 2:45.
  • We have the dark blue cloths on the tables, strewn with gold and silver stars.
  • Our professors robes are hanging in the closet and the children's robes are still ready (remember them from Halloween?).
  • The star garland is strewn about the house.
  • The sorting hat is ready. The nametags with house colors are ready.
  • The dragon eggs are ready to be hidden (once I take the miscreants out for lunch).
  • The house banners are up.
  • The balloons are (mostly) placed.
  • The cookies are ready.
  • The potions class is prepared.
  • Wand craft is ready to go.
  • Transfigurations assignments have been determined.
  • The Quidditch cake is here.
  • Divinations tasks are ready to go.

Much glitter glue and sparkles will be involved. Lots of sugar and some scary punch will be ready.

This will be our first major-league kid party.

All we need now is 19 screaming children.

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